Icy Squid Game

Own a NFT, let it fight in a Icy Squid Game and the last NFT standing wins a LOT of CROs.

Cronos NFT game with huge prizes

Made by IcyCRO.org and Cronoseyez

Minting started on 20th of Jan and has now ended, 700 Vikings were minted:


Vikings who died in combat became sons of Odin. They were admitted to Valhalla, where Odin gave them a feast every day.

But the sons of Odin wanted more fun. So they created the IcyVikings.

To be able to have a monthly game that will remind them of their battles. In their lab they combined Alien DNA with ODIN's own DNA, grew it into 1000 bio-technologically enhanced clones. They implanted false memories in his memory and the IcyVikings believe that they fight to gain their access to Valhalla without knowing that they are already in it and that in reality their fight is only for their owners, the Gods, to have fun watching them annihilate each other.

After each game the Gods must wait a month for the IcyVikings clones to be ready to fight again so they can win some CRO.


- 700 male Vikings (normal, rare and epic).

- Monthly Icy Squid Game. You just need to own a Viking. Free participation and no gas fees.

- Different games need different statistics. If you are lucky enough to get suitable games, even a weaker NFT can win the game.

- Winner always gets a guaranteed CRO prize and can also win 50k+ CRO from the CRO Jackpot game.

- Buy / trade / sell Vikings in Ebisusbay and Agora.

- Female Vikings will follow (Q2/2022).

- Own a matching male and female. Start a family. Mint a stronger 2nd generation Viking for free (Q3/2022).

- Genetics. Epic+ Viking parents won't mint normal Vikings (Q3/2022).

Almost all you need to know.

Icy Squid Games and final fights.

Where are we and where will we go.

Full rules of the game.

How does the ICY economy work in the Viking world?

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Types, stats and visual traits.

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