Clan have be established and includes all the Vikings and Valkyries that are on the clan account.

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  • Karls are the working class in the Viking age. Farmers, craftsmen, fishermen, merchants, and boat builders.

  • 3 clan points needed.

  • Unlimited amount of Karls.

  • Each Karl gets one treasure chest.

  • The first five Karls are so famous that they get a free Valkyrie (1st rare and next four normal).


  • Jarls are the local rulers. You certainly are one of the most important people in your village.

  • 5 clan points needed.

  • Max 8 Jarls. When one of the Jarls gets promoted to a Duke, it opens one free Jarl position.

  • Each Jarl gets two treasure chests.

  • First seven Jarls are so famous that they get a free Valkyrie (Epic) who has been looking for a worthy clan for a long time.


  • Dukes rule part of the country and one of them will be the King!

  • 8 clan points needed.

  • Max 4 Dukes. When one of the Dukes gets promoted to a King, it opens one free Duke position.

  • Each Duke gets four treasure chests.


  • The King of Finnmark leads the armies and decides the construction projects.

  • 12 clan points needed.

  • Max 1 King. This is Valhalla. When you are the king, you are the king forever.

  • King gets a Legendary ICY NFT #100 (treasure chest with steroids) and Icy Viking #001 joins the clan. This Viking brings you the Silver IcyCRO Jackpot ticket #100 permanently (value 200k ICY).

  • King gets an own castle also.

Do you have what it takes to be the King of the Finnmark?

Clan list

Here are the 41 clans that are currently active and their leaders.

Karls are marked with green. Jarls will be blue.