When was the launch date?


How much the NFTs cost?

350 CRO on the public sale and limited sale with 320 CRO for the white listed accounts.

How do I participate in the monthly game?

You just need to own the NFT for the first games.

You will be automatically credited the prize, if your NFT wins.

Does staked Valkyrie participate to monthly games?

Yes, she does.

How much does the winner gets?

If winning NFT belongs to a clan, he will win a treasure chest NFT and clan points. If winning NFT isn't in a clan, owner gets a free clan (value 20k ICY).

What are lucky eyes and weapons?

Each month we will have a lucky eyes that gets a one point bonus for the first three games. Each trait has 1/10 chance to be the best.

For the final fight we have a lucky weapon trait, which gets 1 point bonus for the final fight. Each trait has 1/10 chance to be the best. Next two traits after the lucky weapon will get a smaller bonus (0.5p and 0.2p).

Lucky eyes:

Flash = 1

Clockwork = 2

Damage = 3 (Reptile on Valkyrie)

Cyborg = 4

Robot = 5

Bioglass = 6

Redeyes = 7

Trip = 8

Whiteeye = 9 (GreenEyes on Valkyrie)

Bored = 0

For example, if the number 4 comes, then Cyborg eyes will get a 1p bonus.

Lucky weapons:

MultiLaser = 1

Laser = 2

Sword = 3

Knives = 4

Arch = 5

Lances = 6

Axes = 7

Katana= 8

Shotgun = 9 (Bat for Valkyries)

Guns = 0 (MultiLances for Valkyries)

For example, if the number 3 comes, then sword gets a 1p bonus, knives 0.5p, and arch 0.2p.

What if in final fight two Vikings have the same points?

They are sorted based on:

  • Attack

  • STR

  • If those two are also the same, then it's based on the edition number.
    If the 0.2 ICY burn is 1-5 then sorting is from oldest to latest. If 6-0, then sorted from the latest to oldest.

What is a matching pair of male and female vikings?

Epic+Epic, Rare+Rare or Normal+Normal.

There is a chance to pair non matching Viking and Valkyrie, but there will need to be a sacrifice to Odin in that case.