ICY Economics

Basic economy

We have a validator on and all the CRO earned from the validator will fund the game prizes for over 10 years.

No further paid mints needed and there won't be any.

Validator info:

All the CRO earned will be used to fund the Crodex staking of the Icy Viking Treasure Chests. Currently 700 CRO per week:

The only way to get a chest is to have a clan and:

  • One of your Vikings / Valkyries wins the monthly Icy Squid Game.

  • Your clan gets a nobility rank by earning enough clan points.

There will be also some airdrops and other events from time to time for NFT owners.


When the Vikings aren't in the Squid Games, they are living in public longhouses and won't be productive.

You may get a log house NFT so your Vikings have a own place to live.

If you own a house:

  • It can be upgraded to a farm, your Vikings will be working there automatically and earning you a lot of ICY.

  • It will help later on minting 2nd generation Vikings. Leader of a viking clan with a house will get two babies instead of one.

  • Only accounts with a house can build other buildings in the village. More info later.


Maximum: 30

  • 10 house NFTs are given to the top 10 finalists in the first Squid Game.

  • 20 NFTs more can be minted later for 20k ICY each.

  • All houses were minted, but you may find one from EbisusBay still.


Farm economics in 2022:

  • When you own a house, it will cost 10k ICY to plant a rye field and turn it into a farm.

  • Farm production depends on the number of Vikings living there. Every Viking on the account is counted. Maximum production is reached with 30 Vikings. If anyone wants to farm with more than 30 Vikings, they need another farm.

  • All the farms together produce 500k ICY during the first 6 -month contract, and this is split between the farms.

  • Farming season is expected to start in March.

Technical details:

  • When the farm building period ends, we will take a snapshot of farm holders and how many Vikings each hold.

  • ICYs will be locked to a token locker on Dexpad and they will be linearly released during the 6 months. Farm owner owns the wallet and can collect the released ICYs freely.

Mining (Obsolete, was one time event)

Mining Economics

  • Maximum 100 Vikings can be sent to the ICY mines in each event. Max 10 per account.

  • Higher the STR and CON a Viking has, the more he earns.

  • If the same account sends at least 5 Vikings to the mine, they all get a 30% group bonus to the contract.

  • Contract lasts two years and your Viking won't return to you after that. He probably doesn't like you anymore.

  • Amount of ICY earned is STR * CON * 100 * 1.3 (if the bonus is active).

  • Mining is expected to start in February.


  • You send Viking A to the mines and he has STR 7 and CON 6.

  • You also send 4 other Vikings to the mines to get the 30% group bonus.

  • Viking A earns 7*6*100*1.3 = 5460 ICY (~800 CRO at current CRO/ICY ratio of 1/6.825; APR ~51%).

Technical details:

  • When the Viking is sent to the mines, NFT is burned. It won't come back.

  • ICYs will be locked to a token locker on Dexpad and they will be linearly released during the two years. Owner of the Vikings owns the wallet and can collect the released ICYs freely.