The IcySquidNFT Vikings are divided in 4 types, all of them have 5 game stats and 8 visual traits.

All Viking and Valkyrie types can win the game, but better types have higher chances.

Types of Vikings alive on 30th of June 2022:

  • Normal (332)

  • Rare (168)

  • Epic (108)

  • Legendary (0) (almost all were burned and rest can't participate to the games).

Types of Valkyries alive on 30th of June 2022:

  • Normal (400)

  • Rare (360)

  • Epic (240)

Game Stats:

  • Numeric Values from 3 to 7 (or 4-8 for AGI on Valkyrie)

  • Agility (AGI)

  • Constitution (CON)

  • Intelligence (INT)

  • Strength (STR)

  • Attack (ATK)

The sum of the stats is always 25 for Normal, 26 for Rare and 27 for Epic Vikings / Valkyries.

Visual Traits

Background colour tells the type of the NFT, the rest of the visual traits are not related to the game stats. Some traits are rarer than others.

Background colours for Vikings:

  • Green and Orange (Normal)

  • Blue and Turquoise (Rare)

  • Purple Red (Epic)

Background colours for Valkyries:

  • Green, Orange and Olive (Normal)

  • Dark brown, Blue and Turquoise (Rare)

  • Purple, Red and Gold (Epic)

Traits you can find them easiest from the Ebisu's Bay: