Basic rules:

  • Every IcySquid NFT automatically participates in the monthly games. You don't need to do anything, just own a Viking or Valkyrie.

  • NFTs compete in different games and their stats decide, if they survive until the next round.

  • After three games, the final fight begins 15 minutes later and it ends when only one NFT is left.

  • Games are random and decided by the Cronos chain TxHash numbers.

  • You don't need to do anything or don't have to be online during the game. Prize arrives automatically, if your NFT wins.

Prizes for every game no matter who wins:

  • The main prize depends on if the winner has a clan or not. More info below.

  • If the IcyCRO VIP ticket #075 wins the Jackpot or Mega Jackpot, prize is split equally with everyone in the top10. Can be 2k+ CRO for each.

Extra prizes if the winning Viking/Valkyrie belongs to a clan:

  • Winners gets an Icy Viking Treasure chests that can be staked on Crodex for years to come for quite a high CRO income.

  • Winner gets also some clan points. 2 CP if a leader. 0.2 CP if non-leader.

Extra prizes if the winning Viking/Valkyrie doesn't belong to a clan:

  • If winner doesn't belong to a clan, winning Viking/Valkyrie is famous enough to establish a clan for free (20k ICY).


Minting profit on Vikings:

  • 60%: and it is permanently staked to boost the Jackpot.

  • 30%: CronosART.

  • 10%: prizes of the monthly games.

Minting profit on Valkyries:

  • 50%: to boost the Jackpot and farms.

  • 30%: CronosART.

  • 20%: Staking on Crodex


  • NFT sales will have a 10% royalty.

  • 100% of the royalties will be staked to collect interest for the IcyCRO Jackpot pool.