How do I participate?

You just need to own the NFT and it automatically participates the games. Even if the NFT is staked on Crodex, it will be in the games.

Who owns the winning NFT when the game ends will get the prize.

How many games there are?

11 normal games and 10 for final fight.

Each month there will be three random normal games and one random final fight.

How are the games decided?

Each game has an own number.

First 1 ICY transfer will be done to the burn address on Friday.

Last number of the TxHash show the games that are played each month.

For example, if last the number is ...7, the first game will be Ddakji.

If the last two numbers are the same, for example ...77 game will be night fight.

1 ICY burn = 1st game.

2 ICY burn = 2nd game.

3 ICY burn = 3rd game.

If same number comes twice, it is ignored and next number is taken. Same game can't be played twice.

New burn is done on Saturday to see the game for the final fight.

4 ICY burn = Which weapons are for the final fight. Top 10 Vikings with highest stats will survive.

5 ICY burn shows which of the 10 Vikings will win the game. They will be sorted based on their minting order, from the oldest to latest. Each of them have the same 1/10 chance to win the game.

Who survives the game?

Each game needs different stats. If game needs constitution and agility, only NFTs whose sum of constitution and agility is high enough survive.

How does final fight work?

Depending on the game, NFTs need some of the basic stats and attack stat in the fight.

If the NFT is one of the 10 strongest ones left, one of them is randomly decided to win.

10 NFTs are organized by their minting numbers and TxHash will show the winning NFT.

What happens after the win?

You don't need to do anything. Prizes are automatically credited in 48 hours. On 15th of the same month top10 finishers can see, if they won more from the IcyCRO Jackpot game.

Breaking rules and unsportmanship behaviour?

If someone is clearly breaking the normal behaviour and ruining the game for others, account and Vikings on it can be excluded from the game. Depending on the situation, we may give a refund or other compensation for the affected NFTs.